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How to Watch Video while Working on Laptop/Mobile

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Dear folks,

Today’s article is very interesting, we are going to unveil “how to watch videos while working on Google Chrome” either on laptop/desktop or mobile.

I can understand your pain of leaving any video player like YouTube for some work that need to be done. But no worries I’m going to provide you a solution to watch videos while working on the same window. 

Google chrome has an inbuilt feature to execute this. I know, you want to get this feature implemented. Stay tuned to know “how to watch videos while working on Google Chrome”.

You can shrunk your video player like YouTube to fraction of main window. For this you have to go to YouTube and right click twice on the playing video then you will find a drop down list with “picture in picture” option. Just click on it and bang on. Now switch to other tab and you will find your floating shrunk player has moved to other tab with you. But wait here our work has not yet done. 

This feature will work on your desktop or laptop but not on mobile. 

On mobile you should have at least Android 8 or higher version to get picture in picture mode enabled. If you are not operating android 8 or higher then also you can do this by two methods – 

1st method – Open chrome browser on mobile and click on vertical ellipse on the top right corner. Then switch your chrome experience to desktop site. Now browse video embedded websites. But by this technique your YouTube app will not be served. For serving YouTube in picture in picture mode I’m giving you another way.

2nd method – go to play store and search for “pip youtube app” then you will find lot of applications like pip tube, minimize play, floating tube player etc. to use your main player as a floating player.

I have experienced pip tube and floating tube player to make youtube as a floating player. Download any of the application to make your video floating between different screens. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can leave your comments below for any query or feedback. I’ll be happy to answer.

Thank you for being a part. I’ll be back soon with a new and helpful content till then good bye and take care.

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